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Heart Ranch could not exist without our volunteers. Their devoted time, energy, and talents keep the entire ranch fed, happy, and working. We have a variety of volunteers that travel from all parts of the island. Some travel each week from Kona, Waikoloa, Puna, and of course Hilo Town. We owe the volunteers tremendous gratitude to the success of Heart Ranch and of course give God all the Glory. Here are some of our volunteer groups that keep us going! 

Session Leaders


Session Leaders are the limiting factor on how many kids we can serve in the Mentorship Program. Our session leaders have great horsemanship capabilities, leadership skills, are wonderful members of the community, and have a heart for serving children. Our session leaders  have some serious fun working with kids and horses, and we couldn't do it without them! These leaders also have a strong faith and personal relationship with God and a dedicated heart to the ranch mission.


Impact Team

Volunteers between the ages of 12 -18 are considered youth volunteers, and are a part of our youth group called the Impact Team. These kids have been through the Mentorship Program themselves, and are out to make an Impact on the ranch. They help catch horses, groom and care for each horse every day they volunteer, and complete all sorts of various tasks around the ranch. During mentorship sessions, these Impact volunteers help session leaders spend more time focused on the kid that they are working with by being a ready helping hand. Our youth volunteers have a servant’s heart, and many become session leaders themselves. It may be a lot of hard work, but these kids know how to have fun!



Waiting for you in the family area of the ranch is our Greeter! This adult is there to ensure that family members are safe, siblings are entertained, and that everyone can cheer on their kid that is participating in a mentorship session. Greeters also give introduction tours of the ranch for new families, and keep session leaders aware of the time. Our greeters are amazing prayer warriors, and a big help in keeping our ranch a safe place. When parents just need a shoulder to cry on, or a cheering partner for their kids, our greeters are here!

Ranch Hands

As there is a never ending list of chores to do around the ranch, we are always grateful for our Ranch Hands! Animals need to be fed EVERY DAY, rain or shine, and this would be daunting if it were just left to one person. Many hands make light work, and our ranch hands know this. From fixing fences, mowing pastures, to picking up feed from the store, our ranch hands keep us in tip top shape. 

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