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Weight limit

Riders can weigh no more than 20% of the estimated weight of the horse.

For our horses safety, we can't have anyone over 240 pounds ride unless we have a horse and saddle of a size to accommodate them. 

What if I can't attend a session?

 If unexpected schedule changes occur at the last minute, please call the ranch office as soon as possible.  All of our volunteers make great sacrifices in order to be here, and many travel great distances. 

Can I bring friends to watch?

Friends are welcome to visit the ranch during mentorship sessions only.  All minors must have a legal guardian complete the release form BEFORE coming to the ranch. 

Can I drop kids off?

Part of Heart Ranch’s focus is to bring families together.  Because of this we ask that caregivers accompany their child.  A parent’s presence is quite often central to a child’s experience at the ranch.  

Is the ranch a residential facility?

No, the ranch is not a residential facility.  We are a day-use facility only.  This means those who use the ranch visit it during the day but are not housed here.

Is there riding every session?

There may be times when we won't ride in a session.  According to the participant's wishes or the session leader’s discretion, they may take part in any number of alternate activities during their session. 

How can I learn more?

If you would like to know a little bit more about the ranch and how we got started, feel free to email us to sign yourself and/or your family up for an introductory meeting. 

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