Youth Volunteers


          If you are between the ages of 14 -18, have been a participant at Heart Ranch, and are looking for an opportunity to get more involved, you may be eligible to be a volunteer. Ask your leader about it during your next session time; they will be able to determine if you are ready for this exciting opportunity, in which case they will refer you to us. To ensure everyone has a chance to learn and is safe, we limit the number of youth volunteers we have each day. Those youth who are able to commit to come weekly are considered first for volunteering, but we hope to include as many as we can. A youth volunteer’s experience at the ranch will differ greatly from that of an adult volunteer. Volunteering sessions will always include physical labor, but may also include informal training on a number of topics including horsemanship, ranch maintenance, gardening, etc.  Youth volunteers must also have a servant’s heart.


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