Who We Are


  • We are a non-profit corporation in the state of Hawaii and a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity.  We are funded by donations.  All donations are appreciated and tax deductable!

  • We are a mentoring program first.  We teach how to interact with horses and other ranch animals.  Learning how to identify horse behavioral characteristics and maintaining safe boundaries is a big part of the program. 

  • We build a sense of accomplishment and belonging by having participants complete various ranch chores.

  • We teach grooming skills, ground skills as well as horseback riding. We teach how to interact and work with others to build morale, self-esteem, and a team concept.

  • We create a safe, kind, patient, loving and joyful environment.

  • We demonstrate God’s love and the gift of Christ through our actions.


What we are not……

Although participants get to ride horses and learn how to do it safely, that is not our main purpose.  It’s a program of mentoring by showing God’s love.  We are not licensed counselors, we are volunteers that love to be here and provide a safe environment of encouragement and love.

Heart Ranch

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