Arrived 5/14/12


          Toughy is the only miniature horse on the ranch and makes himself very noticeable by his brave attitude towards the larger horses and his cleverness that always seems to take him where the food is.  Some people are intimidated by the size of horses so Toughy is the perfect transition gorse to help overcome fear.   When we first went out to see him, he was living on a ranch with a herd of cattle. Anytime he heard his name he would come running to his owner because he knew it meant attention and food. We were told that he was previously owned by a lady who would load him into her van and drive him to visit elderly homes, so we knew he would fit in just right at the ranch. He was born 6/5/97, and although he isn’t a young horse, he still plays as if he is. We were worried about our large horses playing rough with him, but he has lived up to his name and is Tough about standing up for himself.  

Heart Ranch