Warmly welcomes everyone who walks down our driveway.  Will offer direction to newcomers, ensure release forms have been filled out correctly, assist in overseeing the daily task list, connect leaders with their children for their sessions, and spend time talking with visitors and participants.  A major part of this role will include sitting and talking with parents while their child is in session. Often the families who come are in need of someone to talk to and share about their life. There is also never a shortage of kids on the ranch, and this volunteer may serve by simply playing with them!  This is a wonderful help for the leader doing sessions, there are almost always siblings of the child in session and often they desire attention too.

Ranch Hands

For those who like to get out and get moving, the ranch is always full of muscle-building jobs.  Work may include moving gravel and rock, shelter repair, goat hoof trimming and vaccination, fixing fences, repairing buildings, etc. This can be for a group project or on an individual basis, and may be scheduled weekly, monthly, or as a one-time event.


The Ranch Foreman is the eyes and ears of the ranch.  The main goal of Foreman is to oversee the entire Ranch process and the flow of all operations.  The Foreman is in charge of Session Leaders, Greeters, and Youth Volunteers. The Foreman has a complete understanding of how things function during each day’s hours of operation








We have worked very hard to make the barn and alleyway into a productive and effective area.  We would like to add to the area and its beautification by growing fruits and vegetables for families in need.  The gardener volunteer will use his or her skills to maintain ranch plants by keeping them trimmed watered and weeded.  This job includes such tasks as weeding, weed whacking, mowing, flower planting, watering, deadheading, etc.