Session Leader/Mentor

Roles (cont.)



The opportunity to work with kids and horses, in a session leader capacity, is reserved for our consistent long-term adult volunteers.  This role is reserved for those we know well, have demonstrated horsemanship capabilities, and have a heart for serving children.  It is a long-term goal for many of our volunteers.  This volunteer would be scheduled to work with ranch children and horses in a one-to-one ratio.  It is our hope that these leaders have a strong faith and personal relationship with God and a dedicated heart to the ranch mission.

Prayer Warrior

Prayer is essential to everything that happens at the ranch.  If you would like to be available to pray with or for others while you are volunteering on the ranch, please include that interest on your application. 


Internship-type experiences may be available at Heart Ranch.  All inquiries may be made to the office at or by calling 808 937-9717. 






Office Assistant

Takes on the task of responding to our emails and phone calls.  Making confirmation calls and scheduling is also part of the Office Assistant responsibilities.  This volunteer should be detail oriented and have organizational skills.  

Memory Maker

Memories are made on the ranch every day.  For those who have an eye for photography, we encourage you to help us capture still pictures for potential use in ranch publications or to simply give to a child as a gift.  If you enjoy photography and/or scrapbooking, but have run out of subjects, the ranch may be a good place for some fresh inspiration. 

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