Release Forms


Every adult and child visitor must have a valid, signed Heart Ranch release form before they are able to participate in our tours, riding sessions, volunteering, etc.   A form must be completed and signed for every visitor regardless of their involvement at the ranch. 


  • A legal guardian must sign for all visitors under the age of 18.  Any child under 18 who is not accompanied by a legal guardian must bring a release form completed by his or her legal guardian. 

  • Each visitor must have a completed release form on file, and must complete a new one each calendar year. 


Download the release form here


Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or problems downloading the form: 808 937-9717.


Who needs a completed release form to be on ranch grounds?

Everyone!  Because of the unpredictable nature of horses and ranch life, you and each person you bring is required to have our current release form on file or completed first thing on arrival.  Release forms must be renewed at the start of every year.  Anyone who does not have a current/complete release form cannot be allowed involvement in our activities and programs.


Can I bring my children’s friends to the ranch to play and watch while my child rides?

Your children’s friends are welcome to visit the ranch during your child’s session.  However, a completed release form in the name of each additional child must be completed before ANY visits to the ranch.  Remember that a legal guardian for all visitors MUST be the one to complete the form.