Arrived 2/23/13


          Mocha is a tall red dun that was donated to us as an 11-year-old gelding. He was a Double Dollar high-end team roping horse from Utah before he came to the Big Island. Sometime after he was purchased, this beautiful gelding came down with a bizarre virus that almost took his life.  The veterinarian and owner made a decision to euthanize Mocha when he could no longer get up.  While the veterinarian was getting prepared to euthanize him, Mocha decided to get up on his own and was given a second chance at life.  After a year or more of rest in the pasture, it was determined he was no longer capable of intense work and competition.  He was later donated to Heart Ranch and fit in perfectly. For a time he was a great riding horse and loved to play games, but at the beginning of 2018 he began displaying strong signs of neurologic issues, including loss of balance, weight loss, and a decline in mobility. After long discussions with our vet and the board, the decision was made that Mocha could no longer be ridden. He adores grooming sessions, spending time with veterans, and hanging out with his best friend, Abe. He is not in pain and seems to be slowly recovering as he has learned to adapt to his disabilities.

Heart Ranch