Information for Parents, Guardians and Caretakers


Can I send my child to the ranch? 


          Part of Heart Ranch’s focus is to bring families together.  Because of this we ask that parents accompany their child.  A parent’s presence is quite often central to a child’s experience at the ranch.  Allowing fathers, mothers and guardians a chance to rest and enjoy the beauty that God has provided is also a part of what happens at the ranch.



Will my child ride during his or her session?


          There may be times when your child will not ride during his or her session.  According to the child’s wishes or the session leader’s discretion, they may take part in any number of alternate activities during their session including ranch chores, crafts, games, etc.  On heavier rain days we will still be open and have barn activities such as grooming and braiding horses and other activities.



How can I learn more about the ranch?


           If you would like to know a little bit more about the ranch and how we got started, feel free to sign yourself and/or your family up for an introductory meeting.  You can schedule through the office by e-mailing or calling 808-937-9717.



What happens if we cannot make it to a scheduled session?


         We would appreciate a call at least 3 days in advance but require a minimum of 24-hour advance notice to allow us enough time to give another child an opportunity to fill-in.  However, we understand unexpected schedule changes occur at the last minute.  If this is the case, please call the ranch office as soon as possible.  All of our volunteers make great sacrifices in order to be here for your child and many travel great distances to be here.  It is our honor and privilege to provide this service at Heart Ranch and we appreciate your kokua in being on time and notifying us of any necessary absence, in a timely manner. 


          Heart Ranch offers mentorship, ranch-style activities, healthy friendships and horse health involvement free of charge to the youth in our community.  Our sessions are a conduit towards these goals.  Although we aspire to help your child become a safer rider who understands and cares for horses, our main goal is not to produce “accomplished” riders.  If this is your hope, we would be happy to recommend you several other venues for riding lessons.


Is the ranch a residential facility?


          No.  Heart Ranch is a day-use facility only.  This means those who use the ranch visit it during the day but are not housed here.

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