Our oldest horse here at Heart Ranch is Gus, a 37 year old buckskin gelding. Originally named Mr. Big, Gus was born mid-April, 1982, on the island of Maui. One of his first owners had his license removed, so he would ride Gus from bar to bar. Gus was brought to the Big Island to said owners brother, who would ride him hard up at Parker Ranch. A man bought him and used him in a trail riding business, where Gus picked up some very bad habits, including being rude towards other horses. The business went broke, and Gus was moved to a pasture where he was neglected. By the time he was rescued, Gus was obese and had horribly rotten hooves. The vet said that it was possible that he would never be ridden again. The organization did a great job at getting him back to health, and had him for ten years. When we first saw Gus in May of 2011, he was underweight by a few hundred pounds. As an elderly horse, we assumed that he would most likely not be able to put all the weight back on, and we were probably not ever going to use him as a riding horse. We fed him special feed, and he put the weight back on in only a few short months. He is now a healthy old guy that still loves his special food, especially when he has kids to massage him while he eats. His balance has become poor with age; therefore, we don't ride him anymore. He enjoys his job as greeter and loves getting groomed while laying out in a light slumber.

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